Our Story

Here at Germantown K9 Fundraising Organization, we’re committed to investing your donations into maintaining the K9 unit. Since our incorporation in 2020, we’ve seen the K9 unit grow, as we have added a 2nd dog to our team! Our goal is to continue raising enough funds to support the two dogs, their handlers, and the specialized vehicles necessary to support a K9 operation.

The costs of the K9 units are high. Initial start up costs range between $85,000-$100,000, including the dogs themselves, the vehicles (retrofitted for housing dogs), the intense training and certification. After that, the ongoing costs include food, vet visits, first aid kits, narcan kits, and more, ranging from $15,000 or more.

Read on below to read the profiles of our two K9 officers – Arek and Hatto!


These K9’s and their dedicated police officer handlers serve the Germantown Wisconsin community. Both dogs are dual purpose dogs, they can find missing persons, evidence, search buildings, detect drugs and apprehend suspects. They both know their commands spoken by the handlers in German, are both very obedient and loyal to their handlers. Both dogs live with their handlers.




Hatto was born on March 31, 2016 in Germany. His handler is Lieutenant Darren von Bereghy.

Hatto was sworn into service October 2017.


Arek was born on June 29, 2018 in Germany. His handler is Sgt Justin Pesch.

Arek was sworn into service May 2020

Our Board

The Germantown K9 unit is not funded by the tax dollars that fund the rest of the Germantown Police Department. We depend on donations from people like you in the community! The Germantown K9 Fundraising Organization, Inc is governed by a board of directors that is made up of community residents. We are very grateful to this dedicated group of citizens for their efforts!